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CBD isolate for sale

Do you want to sell CBD isolate?

We want to make it easy for entrepreneurs to sell CBD products to their own customers. On this page you can read everything about offering CBD isolate, one of the purest forms of CBD.

You can ultimately decide for yourself how you want to purchase the products through us. This could be packaging with our highly valued brand on it Dutch Hemp. It is also possible to for white label to choose. This means that you can stick your own brand on it yourself. Or, the third choice, you go for it bulk. Then we simply deliver the items separately.

What is Dutch Hemp?

The name says it all: a Dutch company. We are a producer of CBD products known for their exceptional quality. We are therefore happy to offer our Dutch Hemp articles. Users of these CBD products are very satisfied. And that will make you satisfied as a seller.

What is CBD

CBD is a very popular substance from the cannabis plant. The substance is not psychoactive, and this means that the user cannot get high or stoned from it. An overdose cannot therefore occur. So it is a safe, responsible way to enjoy the healing effects of cannabis. Without the risks.

What is CBD Isolate?

One of the easiest ways to take CBD is CBD isolate. CBD isolate is especially an excellent option for people who only want to use CBD. Without even a trace of THC. A small percentage of THC sometimes occurs in other CBD products. This is never the case with CBD isolates.

The benefits of CBD isolate

  • Absolutely NO THC
  • Different ways to take the CBD product, such as mixing through food or a drink
  • Very easy to dose, because you know exactly how much CBD the CBD isolate contains

How is CBD isolate made?

A CBD isolate consists of a solid form or powder form of crystal. The isolate is 99% pure CBD. This makes it the purest form of CBD there is. This is because the process by which the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant is different from other CBD products.

All THC and other plant residues are carefully removed, so that really only the original CBD remains. As mentioned, the end result can be a large crystal as well as a kind of sugar powder. CBD isolate has virtually no taste. No problem to take.


If the above makes you feel the need to sell CBD isolate to your customers yourself, we sincerely hope you will contact with us. We can discuss together what is the best tactic for your target group. We can also choose the right type of CBD isolate together.

And of course we can also help you choose the packaging method, if you wish. If you already have a very clear picture of your wishes, then that is of course also good. In any case, we hope to speak to you soon.

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